Precision Engineered Extremity Solutions

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Ortho Max proudly distributes the full line of Vilex orthopedic implants and minimally invasive surgical systems for the State of Florida. Contact your local Vilex sales representative . . .


Cannulated Compression Screws

Titanex, Small Headless, Small Fragment, Large Fragment


Minimally Invasive Bone Harvester

External Fixation

Statix Stabilization Frame

Mono, Mini, and Micro Rail Fixators

Foot Plates

Locking and Non-Locking Plates for Forefoot, Midfoot, and Rearfoot Surgery


Ankle Arthrodesis Nail


Hammertoe Correction System

MPJ Arthroplasty

Cannulated Hemi Implants for 1st and Lesser MPJ Arthroplasty of the Metatarsal Head or Phalangeal Base


Memory Compression Implants (Staples)

Subtalar Implants

TOV & Talex

Endoscopy & Plantar Fasciectomy

Ergonomically designed endoscopic instruments for EPF and MEND procedures

Power Accessories

Burrs, Drills, & Blades

Ankle Products

Hintermann Series H2 & H3

About Vilex

Innovative Devices

We have developed user-friendly implant systems since our founding, utilizing cannulation beyond the cannulated screw. We introduced the first (CHI) cannulated hemi implants for 1st and Lesser MPJ arthroplasty, subtalar implants, and hammertoe implant offering precise positioning. Our engineers interact with medical professionals to continue the development of state of the art precision engineered extremity solutions.

Who we are

Vilex is a high growth manufacturer of precision engineered extremity solutions for orthopaedic surgery. As a privately-owned small business, we are passionate and dedicated to collaborating with surgeons to develop safe and effective products to improve patient outcomes. We proudly design and manufacture our implants in the United States and view our manufacturers and distributors as strategic partners. In addition to our implants, we provide power equipment accessories to hospitals and surgery centers in the United States and minimally invasive surgeons throughout Europe and the Americas.

Our Mission

Together with our strategic partners, Vilex is committed to providing unparalleled service, innovative medical devices, and cost-effective solutions to hospitals, surgery centers, and surgeons in the orthopaedic community.

Ankle Arthrodesis Nail - Vilex Orthopedic Implants
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Vilex supports foot and ankle education, providing surgical skills workshops and sponsorship to students, residents, and surgeons throughout the country at national meetings and training events.



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