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Diabetic Foot Ulcer Application

Advanced Ultrasonic Technology Enabling One-Time Treatment with Revolutionary Healing Outcomes is Here.

Diabeting foot ulcer treatement in Florida


Diabetic Foot Ulcer Removal

A Safe, Single Treatment Enabling Fast Wound Healing and Patient Compliance

Until now, existing treatments for diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) were ineffective, with a commonly seen recurrence rate in patients as high as 65%.1 A significant 40-80% of diabetic foot ulcers became infected2, and over 25% of patients required amputation.3

Tenex Health TX-Bone (TXB) provides a safe, definitive solution for your diabetic foot ulcer patients. It allows you to remove the bony prominence that is the primary contributing factor to recurrence in diabetic foot ulcers without directly entering or expanding the wound area. This enables fast wound healing and patient compliance as they see quick results.





DFU Clinical Experience*

Treatment of 81 patients with Tenex Health technology showed fast wound healing and extremely low recurrence rates. All patients treated had prior advanced wound care.4

  • Patients Healed 94%
  • Recurrence Rate < 4%
  • Average Healing Time < 3 Weeks
  • 5-Year Experience


A Solution to Recurrence For Your Non-Compliant Patients

Achieving full wound healing can be one of the most challenging aspects of treating non-compliant diabetic foot ulcer patients. Other treatments see high recurrence rates of 40-65%, whereas TX-Bone has shown less than 4% recurrence in patients treated.

TX-Bone Enables Ideal Healing Conditions for Fast Wound Healing and Nonrecurrence

Gets to the Root of the Problem, Not Just the Surface

The TX-Bone MicroTip allows you to go beyond the surface, treat under the ulcer and safely remove the underlying bony prominence contributing to recurrence, enabling a healthier environment for wound healing.

With the exception of invasive open surgical procedures, other treatments address the ulcer only at the surface level. Off-loading does not remove the cause of the ulcer.

Optimal Effect in Removing Diseased Tissue While Regenerating Healthy Tissue

The device uses ultrasonic energy, known to be bactericidal, and provides the perfusion needed to regenerate healthy tissue.

  • Promotes healing by increasing the perfusion around the wound site, allowing quick healthy tissue regeneration.5
  • Uses bactericidal ultrasound, shown to kill approximately 2/3rds of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.6

Physicians, contact your local Tenex sales representative

A Safe and Quick Percutaneous Approach

TX-Bone offers a minimally invasive, subcutaneous procedure shown to be highly effective in treating DFU.

  • Facilitates removal of bony prominence and surrounding damaged tissue without directly entering the wound.
  • Healthy tissue sparing while cutting and removing necrotic tissue.
  • Quick procedure time.

Easy to Use

TX-Bone technology’s learning curve is simple and readily performed. Other benefits:

  • Single treatment
  • Complete healing/very low recurrence
  • Ultrasonic energy, bactericidal
  • Effective for many types of ulcers
  • Safe
  • Uses local anesthetic
  • Performed in an out-patient setting
  • Decreases the cost of care


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*Dislcaimers: Studies were the independent work of the participating physicians and were not promoted by Tenex Health, Inc. in any way. Tenex Health, Inc. does not promote use of the TX1 MicroTip or TX2 MicroTip for the treatment of hard tissue pathology or diabetic foot ulcers. The TX-Bone (TXB) MicroTip was developed, indicated, and FDA cleared for the treatment of hard tissue pathology and diabetic foot ulcers.

Our Mission: To improve lives and reduce the cost of care through the development and delivery of safe and effective, minimally invasive ultrasonic treatment options for the management of musculoskeletal conditions.