Treat chronic tendon pain in your

Minimally invasive technology for treatment of chronic tendon pain.

Tenex Health’s minimally invasive technology eliminates chronic tendon pain by precisely targeting and removing damaged tissue, without the need for conventional surgery.

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Tenex Health TX® System

Physician’s Information

Treat symptomatic soft and hard tissue pathology to restore musculoskeletal function without invasive surgery using ultrasonic cutting technology.

Breakthrough Technology

Developed in collaboration with the world-renown MAYO Clinic, Tenex Health’s minimally invasive technology is an effective and innovative breakthrough for the treatment of chronic tendon pain and removal of bone and calcific tissue.

Learn about TX-Bone diabetic foot ulcer application.

 Specifically designed to be used through a small incision using an ultrasound-guided technique.

This distinctive combination allows physicians to identify and simultaneously perform selective cutting and debriding of pain-generating pathologic tissue using optimized ultrasonic energy with minimal effect on normal tendinous tissues. This process has also been shown to stimulate healthy tissue growth.1

The treatment is well tolerated with a relatively quick procedure time. In most patients, this minimally invasive procedure allows patients to return to their active lifestyles rapidly, typically with a fraction of the recovery time compared to open surgery.2

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MicroTip Offerings TX1 TX2 TX-Bone
Tip Length 25.4 mm 43.2 mm 33.0 mm
Tip Gauge
(approximate inner lumen OD)
(1.1 mm)
(1.3 mm)
(1.9 mm)
Sheath Guage
(approximate outer lumen max OD)
(3.0 mm)
(2.1 mm)
(3.0 mm)
Volume as Percentage of TX1
Baseline (per stroke @26.5 kHz)
100% 200% 650%
Tissue Indications Soft Only Soft Only Soft & Hard
Image Image Image Image

Learn about TX-Bone diabetic foot ulcer application

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Tenex Health Technology Overview Video 2019

Clinical studies have shown that patient recovery times are 6-8 weeks when Tenex Health technology is used1,5 for treating chronic tendon pain, compared to the 7-8 months for recovery after conventional surgery10.

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Tenex Health’s minimally invasive technology designed to perform a percutaneous tenotomy or fasciotomy.

Clinical studies have shown that when Tenex Health technology is used to treat tendonitis in the elbow, hip, knee, ankle, and plantar fasciitis pain in the foot, overall functionality and a significant decrease in pain is exhibited.

The patented technology removes the source of pain, which is the damaged tissue, and helps stimulate a renewed healing response.

Where conservative treatments fall short, Tenex Health’s technology steps in.

  • Tenex Health’s minimally invasive technology allows you to provide your patients with a rapid and precise option for removing chronic tendon pain without open surgery or lengthy and tedious treatment plans.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive and performed using local anesthesia, requiring only a 3mm microincision, which reduces the risk of infection.
  • As the required incision is minimally-invasive and the ultrasonic energy precisely treats only the damaged tendon tissue, the surrounding healthy tissue is left unharmed, allowing patient recovery to be in the 4-6 week range, as mentioned above.
  • No stitches are required.
  • Over 20 published studies, clinically proving the efficacy of Tenex Health technology.

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Soft Tissue Removal

Chronic Refractory Tendonopathy3

  • Achilles insertion4
  • Peroneal5
  • Plantar faciitis6
  • Plantar fibroma7
  • Failed surgical intervention8,9
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Bone and Calcific Tissue

The newest FDA cleared addition to the TX System, specifically designed to remove bone and clacific tissue.

Tendinopathy with caldification/osteophytes/spur formations

  • Achilles tendion insertion/Haglund’s deformity
  • Plantar fascia insertion spur
  • Exostosis and spurs

Note: This application is very effective for the stated purpose of removing bone. Follow the Instructions for Use in order to safely and optimally use this device.

Calcaneal Spur Pre-Treatment
Post Treatment
Calcaneal Spur Pre-Treatment
Post Treatment

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