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The GAP NailTM Endo-Exo Medullary System

The unique locking nail for small medullary canal patients

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The Gap endo-exo medullary systemTM consists of an intramedullary nail linked to a lateral buttress plate, via lag and mechanical screws, creating a combined Endomedullary / Exomedullary osteosythesis device. This novel approach of osteosynthesis creates a load sharing system between the nail and plate, thus limiting the risk of stress fractures and improving the implant stability in weak bones.

Intended Use

The Gap endo-exo medullary system is used for the treatment of fractures or correction of deformities in the femur, tibia and humerus of pediatric patients, who have reached skeletal maturity. Indications include:

Correction of deformities (OI, skeletal dysplasia, coxa vara, coxa valga)

Diaphyseal fracture of the femur, tibia and humerus

Subtrochanteric, intertrochanteric and combination fractures of the femoral neck

Nonunions and malunions


Available sizes range from Ø4.8 to 8.0 mm

Endo/Exo hyperstatic system designed to improve load distribution

Plate offers support to greater trochanter

Coxa vara plate (guidance of k-wires and support of osteotomy)

Instrumentation allows for guided distal fixation and precise measurement of anteversion/derotation correction

Precise and simple surgical technique

Surgical Technique Animation

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