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Surgical videos

Achilles “Box Weave” Surgical Video

Mid-substance Achilles repair demonstrated by Chris Hyer, DPM and Greg Berlet, MD utilizing a “Box-Weave” technique.

Lateral Ankle Stabilization Video Surgical Technique

Carroll Jones, MD demonstrates his technique for lateral ankle stabilization utilizing FLEXBAND.

Revision ACL

Dr. Thomas Myers (Atlanta, GA) shares his technique for revision ACL reconstruction utilizing FLEXBAND.

Spring Ligament Reconstruction

Patrick Bull, DO (Columbus, OH) demonstrates his technique utilizing Artelon’s FLEXBAND for Spring Ligament Reconstruction.

Peroneal Brevis Restoration

Dr. Oliver Schipper (Arlington, VA) demonstrates a surgical restoration of the peroneal brevis tendon utilizing FLEXBAND by Artelon.

FB Solo Surg Tech Brief
FLEXBAND Solo Anchor System
Dynamic ATFL Reinforcement with FLEXBAND Solo Anchor System

Physician Videos

FB Solo Anchor System Development

Carroll Jones discusses designing an ankle system around FLEXBAND Technology.

FLEXBAND as Ankle Reinforcement

Kent Ellington, MD comments on the value of utilizing FLEXBAND technology in ATFL Reinforcement.

Carroll Jones talks Rehab, Motion, and Artelon.
What Happens After Closure – Ellington

Kent Ellington, MD discusses the integration of Artelon’s FLEXBAND six months post-op.

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Two and a Half Questions

Two and a Half Questions with Kent Ellington, MD

Dr. Kent Ellington shares why peroneal tendon repair is his favorite Artelon FlexBand indication, as well as his favorite “Dad dance” moves.

Two and A Half Questions with Peter Mangone, MD

Dr. Peter Mangone shares his favorite Artelon indications…and discusses why grocery shopping under a pandemic is a sociology experiment.

Two and a Half Questions with Dr. Craig Lareau

Dr. Craig Lareau shares his favorite indications for Artelon as well as his talent for ‘Dad Jokes’.

2 and a Half Questions with Dr. Maria McGann

Dr. Maria McGann shares her favorite indication to utilize Artelon as well as what would be her OR ‘Walk Up’ song.

Two and a Half Questions with Naohiro Shibuya, DPM

Dr. Naohiro Shibuya shares his favorite Artelon FlexBand indication as well as his OR ‘walk-up’ song.

Two and a Half Questions with Oliver Schipper, MD

Oliver Schipper, MD shares his favorite Artelon indication…as well as his OR “Walk Up” song.

Two and a Half Questions with Dr. Daniel Cuttica

Dr. Daniel Cuttica and I discuss his favorite indication for Artelon as well as his quarantine guilty pleasure = White Castle cheeseburgers!

Two and a Half Questions with Dr. Travis Langan

Dr. Travis Langan shares his thoughts on Artelon for medial ankle stability as well as a solid shout out to 90’s music.

Two and a Half Questions with Dr. David Garras

Dr. David Garras discusses using Artelon’s FLEXBAND against subtalar instability…and how Telemedicine has brought him deeper into his patients’ daily lives.

Two and A Half Questions with Dr. Mark Prissel

Mark Prissel shares his thoughts on Artelon’s FLEXBAND for revision and chronic tendon and ligament repair…as well as commentary on quarantine hair.

Artelon Favorite Indications

This is a mash-up of favorite Artelon foot and ankle indications for Maria McGann, DO; Daniel Cuttica, DO; Naohiro Shibuya, DPM; Oliver Schipper; MD, Travis Langan, DPM; Kent Ellington, MD

Why FLEXBAND for Peroneal Tendon Indications?

Kent Ellington, MD, Oliver Schipper, MD, Dan Cuttica, DO, Naohiro Shibuya, DPM, and Craig Lareau, MD all share why they utilize Artelon’s FLEXBAND in peroneal repair and reconstruction.

Founder Lars Peterson MD/PhD

A Team and Technology Built Around Cells

Cells were the focus of this technology from the beginning. Dr. Peterson shares how he built a team to develop a biologically dynamic technology.

Pre-Clinical and Early Clinical Experience

Dr. Peterson discusses the early scientific and clinical science that built the foundation Artelon’s Dynamic Matrix.

Elasticity v Stress Shielding

Dr. Peterson discusses why elasticity is a critical characteristic to connective tissue augmentation.

Founder Lars Peterson, MD/PhD: the Genesis

Lars Peterson, MD/PhD recounts the impetus for creating Artelon’s core technology.

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