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Foot & ankle

Ortho Max proudly distributes the full line of Artelon tendon and ligament restoration systems for the State of Florida. Contact your local Artelon sales representative . . .

Soft Tissue Restoration

Containing 33 individual articulating joints, the lower extremity is the most complex system of tendons and ligaments in the human body.  Understanding the interactive complexity of required strength and elasticity in these structures, Artelon is at the forefront of dynamic foot and ankle restoration that quickly restores motion and supports long-term success.

Foot and Ankle Artelon
Artelon Flexband
Restoration Lateral Ankle Artelon Flexband
Hyer Berlet Box Weave - Artelon Flexband
Peroneal - Artelon Flexband

Case Studies

Lateral Ankle Stabilization

Syndesmosis/AITFL Reinforcement

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